1. Normal laws of the game of cricket apply except where stated below
  2. Field placings – organised scatterings!
  3. Each team will have a Captain who is responsible for ensuring his players take the
    field on time and that the games are played within the ‘spirit’ of Sticky Wicket
  4. Captain’s to toss during the previous match’s innings
  5. Each team will be made up of a mixed squad of up to ten players with eight players
    playing per side in each game
  6. Each side will bowl five overs per game with no player bowling more than one over
    per innings
  7. The penalty for both a wide and no ball will be no extra ball and three runs for the
    batting side, except in the last over when the standard one run and an extra ball will
    be bowled for each infringement
  8. A wide will be given if the ball is bowled down the leg side or outside the return
    crease on the off side
  9. Each batsman has to retire at twenty but may return at the end of the innings if the
    side is bowled out – last man stands
  10. The points awarded for the result of each game are as follows: Winner = 4 points,
    Tie = 2 points, Loss = 1 point
  11. The winner in each Group qualifies for the semi-final plus the top second position in
    all groups by points. If level on points positions are calculated by ‘Net Run Rate’
    which is runs scored per balls in all games played. The 5th and 6th highest points
    scorers (or by net run rate if level) qualify for the Plate Final.